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Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and Medicare are a few of the other services Zinn Insurance provides. Do you have questions about a particular plan or type of service? Let us know what you would like help with!

Individual Insurance

Buying individual health insurance is a big decision. And big decisions require information, choices, and someone to turn to when you have questions.

You can be sure you will be well-taken care of with Zinn Insurance Agency. Our goal is to provide fast, friendly service every time you need answers on claims, benefits, or payments. Learn more »

Business Insurance

Offering the "right" health insurance plan is one of the most important decisions you can make as a small business owner - keeping employees happy and healthy benefits you in the long run. But making sense of the complex and often expensive health care insurance system has become increasingly difficult for employers, especially small businesses. Learn more »

Disability Insurance

Many things rely on your income. If you unexpectedly become sick or hurt to work, would your savings or the disability benefits you would receive through your employer be enough?

Disability Insurance or often called DI is insurance that insures a portion of your earned income against the risk that a “disability” creates for someone who is employed and unable to complete the functions or job specifications of their work. DI provides financial protection for an extended period of time. It can help you pay bills like your mortgage, car payments, food, clothing utilities, tuition, childcare and medical bills to name a few.

Anyone who earns an income to pay bill or want to maintain their current lifestyle should consider disability income protection. View More »

Life Insurance

One of the biggest reasons to buy life insurance is to provide money in case of death. If you're single and don't want to leave money to anyone, you may not need life insurance. But as you take on more responsibilities and your family grows, your need for life insurance increases. The proceeds from a life insurance policy can replace the income lost to your family upon your death. The life insurance death benefit can also pay off debts and expenses, provide money to a charity or organization, and cover final and estate expenses. View Resources »

Small business owners work hard to establish their business and achieve success. However, there may be planning issues that need to be addressed to be sure success continues. Some of these issues may be:

Business Continuation

What will happen to your business at your death? Will your heirs need to sell the business to obtain cash to pay estate taxes and liabilities? Will your heirs and surviving owners work together harmoniously?
Learn more »

Key Employees

Employees are an integral part of a business' success. As a result, you should ask yourself: Could your business continue to be as profitable in the event of the unexpected death of a key employee?

Employee Benefits

A major problem facing many businesses today is attracting and retaining top-caliber employees. As a small business owner, you are aware of the importance of employee benefits and their contribution to your business success. Whether it's using a qualified retirement plan or group life insurance.

Key Employee Incentives

Fringe benefits, such as Split Dollar, Executive Bonus, and Deferred Compensation allow an employer to select the employees it wishes to participate and vary the benefits among them. The plans do not have to meet IRS requirements, and there are no IRS mandatory distribution requirements.
Learn more »


Before your 65th birthday or becoming eligible for Medicare A & B due to disability, is the time to start thinking about Medicare. That means understanding what Medicare is, how and when to enroll, and what it does and does not cover. It's also time to think about the options available that can help protect you from some of the expenses not covered by Medicare. The Medicare health plan that you choose affects many things like cost, benefits, doctor choice, convenience, and quality. Learn More »

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