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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the some of the most asked questions

The following questions and answers should help shed some light on health coverage and how it relates to you. Please call us with any specific questions not answered here, we will be more than happy to sit down with you in person to address your individual insurance concerns.

Individual/Family Insurance
  1. Are rates higher if I use an Agent/Broker?No. Rates are regulated by the department of insurance in each state. The rates are the same if you purchase from a broker or directly from the company. When you have a broker you have someone who is knowledgeable in the industry, stays abreast of the changes within the industry, will provide service and will have annual reviews of your insurance programs. We are a full service agency who provides all of the above services!!
  2. Is coverage guaranteed & automatic?NO all applications are subject to underwriting.
  3. What Consists of "underwriting"?First an application is taken. Generally the insurance company will conduct a telephone interview for the member and any eligible dependents. The telephone interviews are random. It is up to underwriting if additional information such ordering medical records or a paramedical exam is needed
  4. How do I submit an application?Applications can be submitted on paper via fax or online applications. You may obtain all information thought our office. We will provide the links to online applications
  5. How long is the underwriting process?Underwriting can take anywhere from 48 hours to 3 weeks for health insurance. If underwriting is for life insurance it can take 6-8 weeks
  6. Is maternity covered?Typically no, but varies by state.
  7. What happens to my person info if I no longer want insurance?The information is kept on file for 6 weeks and then destroyed
  8. Am I locked into a contract?No, the rates are locked in for 6 or 12 months depending on state you reside and plan/company chosen. You may cancel your insurance at any time. Most companies require 30 days notice in written form.
Business Insurance
  1. How many people does it take to have obtain group insurance?This varies by state; most states require 2 full time employees to have a group.
  2. Is group insurance more expensive than individual insurance?Typically yes, there are a number of factors that are involved with group insurance. There are usually 4 main components that cause group insurance to be higher.
    1. When group insurance is offered it is required to take all eligible employees, dependents and health conditions. Rates are determined on group size, and medical conditions within the group.
    2. Is maternity covered? Yes maternity is covered.
    3. Mental health and substance abuse covered? Yes.
    4. State mandates can cause rates to fluctuate. State mandates and items that each state requires an insurance company to provide or build into a plan. Every carrier in that particular state must have the mandates in their plans.
  1. Is Medicare Automatic?In order to receive Medicare benefits you must Part A & B to be eligible for coverage. You must contact Social Security to apply for Part B. Once a person has Part B then they are eligible for Medicare coverage and supplemental insurance
  2. How often do the rules change for Medicare?Changes to Medicare happen each year. Please check with one of our agents for specific questions about Medicare or you may access
Other Insurance Resources:
  1. I never use my insurance, why does it go up every year?As a consumer, it's important for you to know what your insurance pays for and what medical services and procedures actually cost.

    With this in mind, we've created a new series, Economics of Health Care. Together, we can reduce the overall cost of health care and become better health care consumers. The rising costs of health care are creating an unsustainable burden on consumers, employers and the government.

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